Sunday, October 02, 2005


What I am up to...

This is my chance! To write about MYself, WOW, so I won't miss it even for a truck of Baileys icecream... well this is maybe a bit exaggerated;)I should start by saying I had an amazing summer! One that I will NEVER forget, perhaps the best of my life.As soon as I left my jobs in London and went back, I started studying Spanish for a month and a half and really learnt a lot. Shame now it seems I don't remember anything, but this is only because I am not practising...I got to be with all my favourite people in the world, I even made some great new friends, who now have a big part in my life! I devoted this summer mostly to travelling - but this time not abroad (even though it started with a holiday in Ibiza in May:)) - but in Bulgaria. As we Bulgarians say 'one should get to know his/her country in order to love it' . Well, I have never not loved my country, it's just that now I love it 10 times more! I saw such beautiful places that I don’t think I can see anywhere else. I lived through some great moments! And I can tell you – this time it was REALLY REALLY (!!!) hard leaving home…Now, however, came the time for some serious stuff! I came to Cardiff University in Wales to do a MA in International Journalism. It's only the beginning and I have already met some great people. The city is beautiful, the people are really nice, the university is fantastic. So far I love it here. For the next one year I have decided to really concentrate on my goals and really work hard in order to achieve what I want. What I want? I want to go back to my country and become a successful journalist there. I want to make everyone proud of me, and mostly - to make myself proud of me. Should I succeed in this, I will be able to say that I have completed my mission.

Speechless.../Bez dumi...

A reflection of the beauty/Otrajenie na krasotata;)

In front of the Millenium Centre/Pred Millenium Centur

It's the trolley that grabs me/Takiva kolichki za bileti si njamame v Bulgaria;)

Looks like a place in Scandinavia.../Pochti kato njakude v Skandinavija...

A little street at the Bay/Malka ulichka na pristana:)

Na Pristana

Cardiff Bay/Pristana

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Cardiff street

Vutre v glavnata sgrada na u-ta/Inside the main Bulding of the Uni

Moja fakultet/My campus

Main building of Cardiff University


Main Bulding of Cardiff University



Cardiff Castle

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Troyanski Monastery

Just before the autumn came...


Friday, September 16, 2005

"But it is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."
-- Herman Melville - "Moby Dick" (1851)

My invention;)

Albena 2005

Yana&Chris, Albena 2005

Yana&Jana, Albena 2005

Yana&Chris, Albena 2005

Vitosha Mountain Posted by Picasa

Vitosha Mountain Posted by Picasa

Vitosha Mountain Posted by Picasa

The most beautiful city at the most beautiful time - Sofia  Posted by Picasa

We did it with our own hands! Posted by Picasa

It does exist - the perfect sunset - in the mountain Vitosha next to Sofia. Posted by Picasa

Bety&Misho Posted by Picasa

So we had to warm up in a traditional restaurant... Posted by Picasa

Borovetz - one of the best ski resorts in Bulgaria. When we went it was in the middle of July and it was less than 10C Posted by Picasa

A unique Monastery - with 6 altars in the church! Posted by Picasa

1 of the most beautiful Monasteries... Posted by Picasa

Levski&CSKA;) Posted by Picasa

Don't know what they are, but are amazing! Posted by Picasa

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